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Salty Yoga 

Join Angene for one hour of salty yoga in our dry salt room.

Salty Yoga includes yoga and dry salt therapy combined. 

salty yoga in Plain City, OH

Wednesdays at 7PM 

Salty Yoga classes will be taken through a sequence of yoga poses slowly and mindfully to build a connection of breath and movement while releasing tension.  In this class, you will learn to honor and work with your individuality, experiencing for yourself the union of your breath, mind and body.  This class is suitable for beginners with little or no yoga experience however the most experienced yoga practitioner will also be challenged as sometimes less is more. This class is also a wonderful cross train for those with a focus on strength training while maintaining a flexible range of motion.  You are encouraged to bring your own mat and props, there will be some available to borrow, however that supply is limited.

Our Instructor For Salty Yoga

Angene Davis completed her YTT200 through Satya Embodied in December of 2018 . Angene is registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance that is a U.S.-based nonprofit membership trade and professional organization for yoga teachers. The organization is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.   Angene enjoys sharing the experience of yoga and salty yoga. She also enjoys helping others develop their connection of breath and movement.  Development of this connection builds a solid foundation for safe and mindful physical practices and mental/stress relief practices.   She provides an environment that invites each individual to gain awareness and explore their own unique beings.

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