Shades of White Stone

Dry Salt Therapy

You will enjoy 45 minutes of relaxation in our salt rooms as pure medical grade salt is introduced into the air. As you breathe the dry salt aerosol will get to work aiding in reducing inflammation in the respiratory system,sinuses, enhancing the immune system & beautifying the skin.


Infrared Sauna

Enjoy 25 minutes in 120 degrees. Infrared sauna treatment aids in circulation, pain relief, detoxification, immune boosting & stress reduction

Colorful Bubbles

Floatation Therapy

Enjoy some 60 minutes to yourself in zero gravity. Floatation therapy aids in muscle recovery, magnesium deficiency, helps with PTSD, increases creativity, reduces anxiety & stress.


Pulse PEMF

Recharge your battery with Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF for short). This relaxing, non-invasive drug free treatment is used to mitigate pain, stimulate immune support, improve performance, and enhance brain function among other things.