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Float Therapy

Float Therapy, also called Flotation Therapy, was developed in the 1950's by researcher John C. Lilly. Floating is also referred to as isolation therapy, sensory deprivation or restricted environmental stimulation technique (R.E.S.T).

Escape gravity for 60 minutes and unplug from the chaos of modern lifestyles by floating in Float Therapy.

Float Therapy Benefits 

  • Increase muscle recovery

  • Reduce muscle & joint pain

  • Increase creativity 

  • Magnesium absorption

  • Reduce discomfort from pregnancy 

  • Complete relaxation free of distractions

  • Better sleep 

  • One 60 minute float= up to 4 hours of theta wave sleep

  • Jet lag recovery

  • Stress reduction

  • Reduce symptoms of PTSD, anxiety & depression among other conditions.

  • Reduced inflammation 

  • Boosts the immune system

  • The list goes on!!!!!


We provide:

Ear plugs, A & D ointment (to put on any cuts on the skin), hair ties, hair dryer, shampoo, body wash, conditioner and towels.


You might want to bring:

  • Hair brush or comb

  • Deodorant 

  • Lotion 


Note that it can take 10-15 minutes to get into the meditation for our Float Therapy sessions. Just observe your thoughts and how you react to them as they come up and let go of any worries. You will be surprised at the insights and creative problems solving that will happen during and even days after your float therapy.


After you float you will relax in the Sweet Dreams lounge where you can write and reflect on your experience, read or just enjoy your after float glow.

What to know before your Float Therapy session:

  • Wear comfortable clothes.

  • Avoid shaving or waxing at least 12 hours prior to floating.

  • ​Eat a small meal about an hour beforehand, so hunger doesn’t distract you. Eating too much and feeling very full may be distracting as well, so stick to a small portion if possible.

  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water the day of your float.

  • Avoid caffeine or energy drinks before floating, to prevent having a busy, unsettled mind.

  • Avoid alcohol the day of your float and smoking prior to floating.  

  • If applicable, bring a contact lens case & solution.

  • Wait at least 14 days after any hair treatment/color before floating. Please wait 30 days for vibrant hair colors.

  • Please avoid floating If you have recently spray tanned and it is still easily washing off or have a henna tattoo (both will come off in our water and alter the chemistry).

  • Try to go into your float with no expectations of what will happen. Allow yourself to be in the moment and receive whatever your session brings to you. Every Float is often a different experience and we feel you get out of it exactly what you need during that time.  

  • Swimsuits are optional; It is best to float in your Birthday suit.

  • Use the bathroom before you float!

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